Energy sources available in the ecosystem

We live in the era of technology where every simple work is carried out with the help of machines which need various forms of energy to carry out the work. For an instance, all the general household appliances from heater, cooler, fan, refrigerator and so on all require electricity to run and work. Vehicles on the other hand need kinetic energy to move it along with the oil and gas forms of energy. Apparently, in the nature all biological systems harvest their energy from the sun, directly or indirectly which is also considered as the main source of energy. The resource from which the required energy is harvested is known as the Sources of Energy.


Humans are not the only users for these energy sources as each different living creatures utilize some form of energy to carry out their work. Plants utilize the solar energy from the sun and produce carbohydrates through the process of photosynthesis which is one of the most important functions of the flora Lifecycle. Indeed animals get their energy by eating these plants and other small creatures and likewise the food chain continues. On the whole energy can be stated as the strength and vitality required by any living creature to carry out any of the physical or mental activity.


Generally, there are two types of energy sources on the ecosystem. They are Renewable and NonRenewable sources. Renewable energy sources are sources that can be restored and are available in naturally excessively. On the contrary, the NonRenewable energy sources are limited.


Renewable energy sources:

Renewable sources of energy can be used over and over again. Renewable resources include solar energy, wind, geothermal energy, biomass and hydropower. They generate much less pollution, both in gathering and production, than other sources. These are also considered as an Environmentally Friendly as they do not cause any natural imbalances.


Types of Renewable energy sources:

  • Air (Wind Energy)
  • Water (Hydroelectric Energy)
  • Sun (Solar Energy)
  • Biomass (Alternative fuels)
  • Hydrogen
  • Inner Earth Layers (Geothermal Energy)


Non Renewable energy sources:

Energy coming from fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas and petroleum is called as Non Renewable energy sources. Uranium is also one of the forms of nonrenewable source. However, once these natural resources are used, they are gone forever. Also, the formation and usage of these cause disruption and disturb the balance of the environment.


Types of Non Renewable energy sources:

  • Coal
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas


However, Energy production today continues to be dominated by non renewable sources than the renewable options. Petroleum, natural gas, coal and nuclear power account for about 93% of the entire energy produced on the ecosystem. When you go to Texas Energy Providers purchase energy for your home you can get both the renewable as well as the non renewable form of energy. You can shop around the Texas Energy market making a desired choice as per your needs ad requirement. You can also shop based on Texas Energy rates and select the cheapest offered rate for yourself and save up much dollars.


Anyhow, the three major types of energy are consumed by Texas Energy consumers are direct heat, transportation fuel and electricity. Oil is the world’s main energy source that comprises 38% of the total energy production closely followed by coal (26%) and gas (23%). Both nuclear and hydroelectric energy sources also contribute equally at 6% each with the remaining 1% coming from solar, wind, wood, wave, tidal, and geothermal sources. So when going to shop energy or your home you can get many distinct options and prices offered by these Texas Energy Providers to choose from. By being smart consumer you get the best deal available in the market!



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